All the Rage: Hemp-Infused Skincare


At the Potency No. 710 headquarters, it’s no secret that we’re big believers in the benefits of hemp-infused beauty products. And in a time when beauty products are becoming more and more innovative by the second, hemp beauty products are popping up just about everywhere (and we’re loving every second of it).

And, just an FYI – this new, budding trend is something we know you’ll want to get addicted to.

What exactly is hemp, you ask? Hemp is one of the most important herbs in the game.

Apply hemp beauty product

Here are some of the benefits of this power herb:

  • It acts as a skin cleanser, removing excess oil from the skin, clearing clogged pores and more.
  • It fights acne because it boasts incredible anti-inflammatory properties. It also rehydrates from the inside, balancing omega-3s and omega-6s, reducing the size of zits, bumps – you name it.  
  • It is one of the best cures in the game for rashes and irritation. It literally fights redness instantly.
  • Thanks to some of the polyunsaturated lipids in hemp oil, it’s able to reach super-deep under the skin, rejuvenating collagen productivity. The result? Soft, supple, wrinkle-free, and glowing skin.
  • It’s moisturizing! Thanks to fatty acids, hemp oil is able to dive deep into the under layers of the skin, hydrating it from its core. It also locks in moisture, giving your complexion the most gorgeous, glowing finish.
  • Oily skin? Hemp seed oil has a thin consistency and actually manages excess sebum production which can lead to oily skin.

Convinced? Thought so. According to Elle Magazine, “Gone are the days of the pot leaf logo or its cliché association with Bob Marley. Now beauty brands are creating products that don’t carry that traditional tropes of cannabis and treating CBD like any other luxury beauty product.” And especially with today’s more open-minded consumer, the “stoner” image that many associate with cannabis has completely changed into something more health-conscious and sophisticated. To put it simply, now’s the time to try cannabis infused products for yourself.

Ready to jump on the hemp train? Browse Potency No. 710’s Gold Face Serum now. We know you’ll love it.

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