Setting Higher Intentions with Reiki

Here at Potency No. 710, we believe in the energy of life. We believe in the intentions that are placed upon different things throughout our existence. That is why we are elevating skincare with products that are filled with the highest of intentions. We work with our Reiki specialist Kenya Bastian to fill the products with not only some of … Read More

Activated Charcoal and Skin Care- A Magnetic Combo

When many people think about charcoal, they think of hot summer days and BBQs! However, there is a different form of charcoal that is disrupting the skincare and beauty scene known as activated charcoal.  What is Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal, which is sometimes known as simply active charcoal or sometimes activated carbon, is much different than charcoal found in charcoal … Read More

Skincare and Coconut Oil – A Love/Hate Relationship

Coconut oil has both a good and a bad rep when it comes to skincare. As a skincare brand that prides itself on disrupting the beauty scene, Potency No. 710 is here to set things straight when it comes to coconut oil in topical beauty products. In this article, we will take a look at why coconut oil has received … Read More