Tonka – The Fragrance You’ve Been Craving

The Dipteryx odorata is a tree native to Central and South America that produces the tonka bean. This tree grows between 65 and 100 feet tall and produces fruit with a hard outer shell that contains the tonka beans at the core. These trees are thought to be able to live over 1,000 years! Each fruit from the Dipteryx odorata … Read More

11 Things Cannabis Seems to Be Doing, But We Can’t Actually Say It’s Doing

Cannabis is a miraculous plant that has so much to offer us. From our own health to the health of our planet, cannabis has something for us all. Unfortunately, thanks to outdated government policy regarding cannabis, the proven medicinal progress of cannabinoid therapies in America is behind the times compared to other places like Israel. Despite an abundance of scientific … Read More

Cleaning Out Your Beauty Cabinet

We clean out our cabinets and our refrigerators. We donate clothes from our closets. We toss outdated medication. However, many of us neglect our health and beauty items as they often become quite abundant. This leads to many products expiring before they are used in their entirety. It is essential that we give care to these items and stay vigilant … Read More