Sacred Palo Santo and What You Need to Know

Ever received a random stick of wood from Mandy here at Potency in your order? If so, you were gifted Palo Santo! Have you heard of it? If not, that’s okay because we are going to learn all about it in this article. We’ll take a look at what Palo Santo is, where it originated, what it’s used for, and … Read More

Holy Smudge Smoke – What You Need to Know About Sage

If you have ever received one of the infamous golden packages from Potency No. 710 it is likely that you have received a bundle of sage, a stick of Palo Santo, or perhaps both. While some are versed in the uses and benefits of these gifts, not everyone is familiar with what to do with them when received. We want … Read More

Edibles – A Deep Dive into Cannabis Infusions

Cannabis edibles, have you tried them? Are you thinking about trying them? No matter if you already enjoy edibles or are considering giving them a try, this deep dive into cannabis-infused edibles is sure to help give you a better understanding of these products. Just like cannabis, cannabis edibles have grown in popularity in recent years. People enjoy cannabis-infused edibles … Read More