Green Tea – Potent Both Inside and Out

Green tea is as beneficial as it is delicious! Our founder Mandy LOVES to sip on this tantalizing delight, be it hot or cold! She also loves to include it as an ingredient in many of the Potency No. 710 products you know and love! On the product label, you will find this ingredient under its scientific plant species name, … Read More

The Roots of Cannabis Prohibition

Cannabis prohibition was rooted in the tyranny, evil, and greed of a young corrupt federal government. So, what’s their excuse today? For thousands of years, cannabis coexisted peacefully with society. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that things took a turn for the worse for this plant. Today we are just beginning to re-learn about the many therapeutic potentials and … Read More

Blue Tansy – A Potent Skincare Ingredient

Here at Potency, it is widely known that we have a passion for powerful plant oils! Among our list of favorites is Blue Tansy! Due to its Moroccan origin, Blue Tansy comes from a plant known commonly as Moroccan Chamomile or Moroccan Tansy. This yellow-tinted plant is not only beautiful but also sustainable. The flowering plant is scientifically known as … Read More