13 Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products and Their Natural Alternatives

Skincare products and cosmetics are meant to help protect the skin and to eccentricate our natural beauty. Unfortunately, many of the cosmetics and skincare products on the market are tainted with harmful chemicals and ingredients. Did you know that in the EU, there are over 1,300 banned ingredients that are not allowed to be used in skincare and other beauty … Read More

Myrrh – A Resinous and Potent Skincare Ingredient

Myrrh is well known for being one of the gifts brought to Bethlehem on the eve of the birth of Jesus, according to Matthew 2:1-12, along with Frankincense and gold. Myrrh is extracted from the Commiphora Myrrha tree native to the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. More precisely, it is the resin made from the dried sap of the Commiphora Myrrha. … Read More