Did You Know This About This Popular Triple Antibiotic Ointment?

If you’ve been following Potency No. 710 for any amount of time, you know that we are not fans of mass-marketed chemical-filled products that line the shelves of nearly every department at the store. One product you are likely very familiar with that contains ingredients that fall within this category is none other than Neosporin.  Neosporin is known to many … Read More

The Benefits of CBD Bath Products

CBD products are undoubtedly beneficial in many unique ways. Testimonials from consumers and patients around the world have shined a light on the various ways these products are helping. This includes everything from oils helping stop seizures in their tracks to CBD skin serums helping to reverse aging. A unique product that many people embrace for various reasons is CBD … Read More

Menstruation and Your Skin – What You Need to Know

Everyone who has ever menstruated will tell you it affects your body in its entirety. When most people think about period-related symptoms, they think about the obvious, cramps, discomfort, tiredness, irritability, and more. But many people do not think about how it affects the largest organ in our anatomy, our skin. During menstruation, our bodies undergo many hormonal changes, which … Read More