The Benefits of CBD Bath Products

CBD products are undoubtedly beneficial in many unique ways. Testimonials from consumers and patients around the world have shined a light on the various ways these products are helping. This includes everything from oils helping stop seizures in their tracks to CBD skin serums helping to reverse aging. A unique product that many people embrace for various reasons is CBD … Read More

Introduction to the White Water Serum

The White Water Serum is the latest powerhouse in the Potency No. 710 plant-based lifestyle product lineup! This water-based serum is packed full of potent nature-powered ingredients like vitamins C & E, hyaluronic acid, camu camu fruit extract, sweet orange, and lavender essential oil, to name a few. Let’s explore what the research has to say about the benefits of … Read More

3 Allure Skincare Trends for 2023 that Potency is Already Vibing With

If you’re reading this, thank you. Whether you have been supporting me since back in the day when I opened my first skin care clinic in Kentucky or if you just stumbled across this blog, I appreciate you being here. Potency No. 710 isn’t just a skincare line, and it isn’t another fly-by-night CBD company looking to make a quick … Read More