Introduction to the White Water Serum

The White Water Serum is the latest powerhouse in the Potency No. 710 plant-based lifestyle product lineup! This water-based serum is packed full of potent nature-powered ingredients like vitamins C & E, hyaluronic acid, camu camu fruit extract, sweet orange, and lavender essential oil, to name a few. Let’s explore what the research has to say about the benefits of … Read More

CBD – A Cannabinoid Deep Dive

Cannabis is widely known for its psychoactive properties and recreational use. Over the last few decades, however, knowledge surrounding the medicinal benefits of this plant has become more common. When it comes to cannabis compounds, THC is likely the most well-known, as it is responsible for the psychoactive effects that the plant produces. Another compound, though, has also taken the … Read More

The Wrath of Anslinger and Hearst Was One of the Worst

Harry J Anslinger and William Randolph Hearst are two prolific individuals of the 1900s. William Randolph Hearst is the older of the two. Hearst was born the son of a U.S. senator who was also a multi-millionaire. His father was a mining tycoon named George Hearst. William used his access to Daddy’s money to start a newspaper publication and more. … Read More