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Hi! I am Kenya Bastian, Potency lead aesthetician and Reiki master.

My career began in cosmetology school when I was a very young woman. Here I learned about all body-related aesthetics, including the skin, hair, and nails. Moving into my favorite part of everything, skincare, I still believed that I would only be dealing with the way people looked on the outside. But it didn’t take long for me to find my gift.

The more I laid my hands on people, the more time I spent with people, the more I could feel, the energy, the true essence of what was going on with them. I quickly realized that the scope of my cosmetology license and training did not cover any of this. I did not know what to do with the information I was receiving from these people, the energy that was coming off of them.

Now life, being in synergy as it is, was laying out a plan for me. I was led to a woman named Pat Rice, who offered to teach me Reiki, something I knew absolutely nothing about. Being raised Catholic in a very Christian home, I did not think I was capable of handling this type of situation. She assured me that my guides had brought me to her. She would attune me for Reiki and train me until I was comfortable enough to use my gift.

When I was ready, I began to practice Reiki on people that needed and wanted it. The ER doctor that came in for a bikini wax but really needed 20 minutes of energy work to help balance her chakras. The mom whose baby passed for no reason who is searching for answers. The young person who was lost and confused. I was finally able to hold a safe space for these people—a loving space where they could allow themselves to heal.

I, however, was still very much living and working in this superficial aesthetic world. But it was just a means, a way to get the people to me who needed the energy work. I myself have to stop sometimes and receive energy work from other people in order to balance my own chakras. Life is complicated. It can pull your energy in all different directions. Reiki brings your energy back into alignment so you can function at your highest potential.

Flash forward about 18 years, and this path brought me to the set of Young Sheldon in Hollywood. While we were living in Los Angeles, my daughter did background work on the show, and this is where we met Mandy Lile, founder of Potency No. 710. I heard her Kentucky accent, she heard my North Carolina accent, and once we realized we were both into skincare and energy work, that was all she wrote. A special bond formed between the two of us that day. We began our journey to try and understand how her products, full of plant magic, could combine with my Reiki work to create something magical and that is exactly what we have done.

Potency710 is full of plant magic, including the superpowers of cannabinoids like CBD and CBG. These products truly bring out the best in a person’s skin, helping it to function beautifully on its own. The Reiki that I do allows me to hold a safe place for people to begin to heal. What we have seen when you combine these two things is that it becomes a lifestyle for people. People who want to look and function at their HIGHEST and BEST frequency possible. Something that is truly beautiful to witness.

The world needs as many people as possible to hold the light for each other. All of this begins with self. When you begin to balance your chakras and your energy from the inside out, the world truly becomes a more magical place for everyone.

How Reiki Can be Implemented

To help people tap into their own personal power and higher self.

To charge up and empower people’s businesses

To help bring peace and tranquility inside homes.

To help other balance their chakras.

When you’re ready to experience reiki on a personal level, I invite you to schedule a reiki session with yours truly as I will be holding a space for you! You can book your reiki session below or experience a reiki session when you purchase a “Higher Self Box” here.


15 Minute Session: $25

30 Minute Session: $50

1 Hour Session: $100

Want to learn more about Reiki? If so, check out this article, Setting Higher Intentions with Reiki, which includes a Q&A that looks deeper into my journey with Reiki! Below you can find testimonials from individuals that have experienced the energy work I provide.


Kenya led me through an amazing meditation. Her voice was so soothing, and her expert guidance helped me safely sink into a meditative state. I felt like a new and better version of myself afterward and plan to incorporate more meditation into my daily life. Many thanks. – Amy