Why Lather Doesn’t Always Equal a Quality Shampoo

When you wash your hair, you might expect to see a lot of foam and bubbles in your shampoo. After all, lather is often associated with cleanliness and effectiveness. However, did you know that lather is unnecessary for cleaning your hair? Some of the best shampoos on the market are low-lather or no-lather formulas. Here are some reasons why quality … Read More

Exploring the Benefits and Types of Facial Massages

Why get a facial massage? First and foremost, the best reason to get a facial massage is because they feel amazing! Self-care is extremely important. You can’t just cover your skin in skin-care products and get glamorous results. There is much more to it.  You have to eat healthy and make healthy lifestyle choices. Choices like limiting salt, sugar, and … Read More

The Benefits of CBD Bath Products

CBD products are undoubtedly beneficial in many unique ways. Testimonials from consumers and patients around the world have shined a light on the various ways these products are helping. This includes everything from oils helping stop seizures in their tracks to CBD skin serums helping to reverse aging. A unique product that many people embrace for various reasons is CBD … Read More