Weed Washing – How to Know

Weed Washing
Weed washing, with products little or no CBD!  Potency 710 Gold Serum

Weed washing is a term being widely utilized to describe a heartbreaking trend that is becoming prevalent in the beauty industry. This trend is that of companies claiming they are offering products rich in naturally occurring CBD from hemp that barely contain CBD, if any at all. Many of these products contain hemp seed oil, rather than full spectrum CBD rich hemp oil. So, what is the difference?

  • Hemp Seed OilMade from hemp seeds through a process known as cold press extraction. This type of oil can be compared to others such as rosehip seed oil or jojoba oil which can provide nourishment and anti-inflammatory properties, but it is not rich in CBD and is not the same as CBD oil.
  • CBD OilDerived from the stalks, leaves, and flowers (buds) of mature hemp plants through CO2 or ethanol extraction.

So, Where Does the Weed Washing Play In.

Many companies that are utilizing hemp seed oil in their products are including cannabis related imagery on their branding and packaging along with keywords such as “calming,” “relaxing,” or “de-stress,” to seemingly give consumers the false impression that the product contains CBD. The green rush of the CBD and cannabis sectors is mainstream. While there are many reputable brands that are merging into CBD ventures, there are many others that are just looking to make a quick buck on the elevated number of people seeking out CBD products for various use cases.

Unfortunately, as the interest in and demand for CBD continues to increase, consumers are more willing now than every to try products without thoroughly researching or vetting them. This is perfect for those snake oil businesses that are looking to get rich quick at the expense of a maturing industry.

As a Consumer – What Can I Do?

Until the federal government gets on the bandwagon and puts in place definitive guidelines for marketing and manufacturing beauty products that contain CBD, there are a few things that you can do as a consumer to protect yourself from the Weed Washing practice!

Be sure the product states clearly that it contains Cannabinoids, CBD, Cannabidiol or is “Full-Spectrum, Whole-Spectrum, or labeled as a full plant product. If the product simply states hemp oil, chances are it contains very minimal CBD content, despite what it may say. The general guideline for CBD to provide therapeutic effects from a skincare or beauty product, is listed below.

  • 50mg CBD minimum for anti-inflammatory effects
  • 100mg CBD for anti-aging properties
  • 150mg of CBD for pain relieving properties

It is also essential that you ensure that the product is coming from a reputable source. You can do this by ensuring that the offers transparency in their manufacturing processes as well as their testing procedures. Many reputable CBD brands will include an easy way for consumers to access testing and certificates of analysis for the products they are considering or purchasing.

The Golden Standard of Potency No. 710

Here at Potency No. 710 we will never weed wash you! In fact, we thrive to be as transparent as possible about our product from soil to oil. The Potency No.710 Gold Serum is a full spectrum CBD rich skin serum that contains a broad spectrum of other essential oils and natural ingredients to enhance the benefits it provides.

We utilize only the highest quality hemp flowers and stalks to extract our CBD rich oil that is used for the base of this product. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out our testing here on the product page and see for yourself, the golden standard of Potency No. 710!

Want more proof of the purity and potency offered by our Gold Serum? Check out this COA that a customer received after personally sending off a sample of our product for testing!

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