Blue Tansy – A Potent Skincare Ingredient

Here at Potency, it is widely known that we have a passion for powerful plant oils! Among our list of favorites is Blue Tansy! Due to its Moroccan origin, Blue Tansy comes from a plant known commonly as Moroccan Chamomile or Moroccan Tansy. This yellow-tinted plant is not only beautiful but also sustainable. The flowering plant is scientifically known as … Read More

Frankincense – The King of Essential Oils

Frankincense is often called the King of Oils. This is likely because of its versatility and wide range of therapeutic benefits. Frankincense oil comes from only a few varieties of Boswellia trees that are native to parts of the world, such as India, Yemen, Africa, and Oman. In a National Geographic article, it was stated that Frankincense is “one of … Read More

Activated Charcoal and Skin Care- A Magnetic Combo

When many people think about charcoal, they think of hot summer days and BBQs! However, there is a different form of charcoal that is disrupting the skincare and beauty scene known as activated charcoal.  What is Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal, which is sometimes known as simply active charcoal or sometimes activated carbon, is much different than charcoal found in charcoal … Read More