Potency No. 710 and Vitamin C Are a Win For Your Skin

Imagine a nutrient shielding your skin from environmental aggressors and boosting collagen production. Now imagine it doing this while leaving your skin with a vibrant, youthful glow. This isn’t a mythical elixir. It’s what you get when you combine the natural ingredients of Potency No. 710 with the powerhouse ingredient known as vitamin C. This superstar of nature is crucial in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. Let’s delve into the world of Potency No. 710 and vitamin C.

Potency No.710 products are carefully crafted by our founder and aesthetician, Mandy Lile. These formulations are created using the finest natural ingredients like ancient essential oils frankincense and myrrh, plant butters such as mango seed and cocoa, green tea, vitamins A & E, Cannabidiol (CBD), and Cannabigerol (CBG), to name a few.

These aren’t the only superpowers you’ll find in Potency products, though. Several of our products include another ingredient that offers unparalleled benefits for your skin known as Vitamin C! You’ll find vitamin C in Potency No. 710 White Water Serum, Filthy Face activated charcoal cleanser, and our Shaded and Covered Mineral SPFs. Let’s look at some incredible benefits you could receive from Potency products with vitamin C!

What is Vitamin C?

Before we dig into the benefits of Vitamin C for your skin, let’s first take a look at exactly what this ingredient is! Vitamin C, AKA ascorbic acid, is an essential water-soluble vitamin for human health. Unlike many animals, humans are unable to synthesize vitamin C naturally, meaning we must obtain this vitamin through other means. One of the primary roles of vitamin C is to work as an antioxidant. This makes it very important for multiple functions throughout the body. Vitamin C is essential for things such as iron absorption, immune system function, collagen formation, wound healing, blood vessel and muscle formation, among many other aspects. Now that we have explored vitamin C, let’s look at some of the essential ways vitamin C specifically influences the health of our skin.

Antioxidant Shield

Free radicals, the mischievous molecules created by pollution, UV rays, and stress, wreak havoc on your skin, accelerating aging and contributing to wrinkles and photodamage. Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, neutralizes these free radicals before they can wreak havoc, shielding your skin from their detrimental effects. Think of it as your personal guard against environmental insults, keeping your skin youthful and protected.

Collagen Catalyst

Collagen, the protein responsible for plump, firm skin, loses its production steadily as we age. But fret not! Vitamin C acts as a key cofactor in collagen synthesis. With increased collagen, your skin regains its elasticity, effectively helping it to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving you that envied youthful firmness.

Brightening Beacon

Hyperpigmentation, those pesky dark spots, and uneven skin tone can cast a shadow on your complexion. Vitamin C, acting like a natural brightener, helps to inhibit melanin production, the pigment responsible for hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C helps to fade existing dark spots and prevents the formation of new ones, leaving your skin with a clearer, more even-toned appearance.

Hydration Hero

Dry Skin? No worries, the White Water Serum is here to the rescue with not just Vitamin C, but also Hyaluronic Acid! Vitamin C isn’t just for oily skin. The humectant properties of vitamin C help attract moisture, leaving skin feeling hydrated and plump. This is especially beneficial for dry and mature skin, where moisture levels tend to deplete with age.

Scar Savior

Scars can linger as unwanted reminders, whether it’s acne blemishes or accidental wounds. Vitamin C promotes wound healing by stimulating collagen production and reducing inflammation. This could help minimize the appearance of scars and expedite the healing process, leaving your skin smoother and more even.

Sun Savior

While mineral sunscreen should remain your first line of defense against sun damage, the vitamin C found in Potency No. 710 Mineral SPF offers an additional layer of protection by neutralizing free radicals generated by UV rays, minimizing their harmful effects on skin cells. This not only helps prevent sunburn but may also help reduce the chances of getting skin cancer.

Beyond Topical Treasures

The vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and other natural ingredients found in Potency No. 710 products are a great way to help you achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin. While Potency products are topical treasures, they work best with healthy lifestyle choices. Choices like consuming a diet rich in vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables (think citrus, bell peppers, broccoli, and kiwi) help contribute to optimal skin health from within. A holistic approach is key to maximizing all the benefits of vitamin C and all the other plant ingredients with superpowers found in the topical treasures offered by Potency No. 710.

The Vitamin C Verdict

With its impressive antioxidant, collagen-boosting, and brightening properties, vitamin C should be a cherished ally in your skincare arsenal. The benefits of this readily available wonder nutrient are undeniable. Unlock the power of vitamin C with Potency No. 710 and watch your skin glow with newfound health and radiant beauty.

Consistency is the main key to reaping the full benefits of vitamin C. Integrate it into your daily routine via potent Potency No. 710 products and incorporate it into your diet with a delicious serving of vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables. Before you know it, you could be the next to witness the transformative power of this skin-loving superhero, leaving you with a healthy, youthful glow that radiates from within.