OVY Relief™ – A Holistic Option to Address Period Discomfort from AIMA

If you have ever had a menstruation cycle, you know just how much of a toll it can take on the body. While some women may only experience a brief breakout and minor cramps for a few days, others experience extreme discomfort, fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritability, and much more. This can harm some women’s ability to live out their day-to-day lives and complete the tasks at hand. As a result, many turn to over-the-counter pain relievers such as NSAIDs and ibuprofen and other medications such as prescribed anti-anxiety and antidepressant medications. Often, even then, relief is not found and in many cases there are side effects from these medications.

Today, many are turning to a plant known as cannabis for hope, where modern medicine has failed, and not just for relief from common menstruation symptoms. This is because compounds in cannabis known as cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and others, are showing great potential in offering a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Those who have experienced severe period symptoms and discomfort are willing to do just about anything to help. That is how the story of a brand known as AIMA came to be.

AIMA is a new company that is bringing natural remedies back to the conversation regarding relief from menstruation and PMS symptoms such as period discomfort with a revolutionary product known as OVY Relief™   Here at Potency No. 710; we have love for the plant and all that it offers. We also love introducing brands we support to others who may benefit from what they offer. With that being said, we are honored to introduce you to the latest brand marketplace addition, AIMA. We had the opportunity to chat with one of the co-founders, Lanna Last, to learn more about how the brand came to be, the mission they have set forth, the product they offer, and much more!

To learn about AIMA, we must understand what sparked the idea of its creation. I asked Lanna to please tell me in her own words what the passion behind the inception of AIMA was. She stated the following in regard.

“For 24 years, I’ve battled with severe menstrual pain–stabbing, sharp, throbbing pain- that had me reaching for Advil monthly. The prolonged use of NSAIDs took its toll, leading to stomach ulcers that added another layer to my ordeal. Desperate for relief, I tried birth control, only to encounter the frightening onset of TIA – tiny strokes. My doctor’s recommendation of opioids was a path I dared not tread due to my family’s troubling history of addiction. I found myself seemingly cornered by pain with no conventional pharmaceutical escape. It was then that I explored the world of cannabis. Smoking a joint offered me relief, but it came with the unwanted side effects of THC.

This predicament sparked an email to a formulation expert in the Pharmaceutical Department, kick-starting an enlightening journey into CBD and CBG research. A year into this exploration, our scientific advisor introduced me to my co-founders, Melanie and Malihe. We were three women bonded by shared experiences of medical and gender discrimination in our pursuit of relief from menstrual pain. Armed with resilience and a mission to close the gender pain gap, we’ve spent years researching and creating patented formulations to alleviate various vaginal and pelvic pain types. Our goal? To craft scientifically validated, life-changing products that truly aid menstruators because we’ve walked the same rocky path they’re on.”

Because Lanna and her co-founders understand the ins and outs of living with severe menstrual discomfort and other symptoms, they also understand how minimal treatment options are and how taboo some can be. With cannabis having been illegal for many of us for the majority of our lives, it is only natural that some women will have reservations about utilizing a cannabis-based product. Seeing how Lanna had exhausted many other options before exploring cannabis, I thought it best to ask her for some advice for other women that may be on the fence about utilizing a CBD product such as OVY Relief™.

“I understand the reservations women and people who menstruate might have when considering cannabinoid-based products. For a lot of us, we grew up being told it was taboo, or a gateway drug. Society has finally caught up to science, and cannabis, especially CBD and CBG, are no longer considered a “bad drug.” Research into cannabinoids, particularly CBD and CBG, has shown promising results in managing various forms of discomfort, including period-related pains like endometriosis, fibroids, and PCOS.”

Some important points that she also mentioned that are essential for women to know who may be considering the use of this cannabinoid-based product are listed below.

  • “OVY doesn’t cause the “high” typically associated with cannabis. This is because CBD and CBG are non-intoxicating components of the plant, unlike THC.”
  • “Women and people born with a uterus have an endocannabinoid system in their reproductive organs. The ECS (endocannabinoid system) helps regulate various functions, including pain and inflammation. Cannabinoids like CBD and CBG are believed to interact with this system, potentially offering an effective way to manage discomfort.” Check out this blog to learn more.
  • “Moreover, at AIMA, our products undergo rigorous testing for safety and efficacy, and we’re fully transparent about our ingredients and process. Our mission is to provide natural, scientifically-backed solutions for period and pelvic pain, taking into account the specific needs of those who menstruate.”

While other cannabinoid-based products have been formulated in the past for period-specific ailments, many things stand AIMA and OVY Relief™ apart from the rest. One of what we, as well as the founders, believe is one of the most important is that their product is “grounded in rigorous scientific research and testing, utilizing the benefits of CBD and CBG to specifically target period and pelvic pain. This ensures a high level of efficacy, delivering a solution that is tailored, reliable, and potent.”

Here at Potency No. 710, we are strong believers in the power of nature and embrace it in every aspect of our lives. We understand the dangers of synthetic painkillers and believe in the potency of holistic natural approaches. This is exactly what OVY Relief™ offers, “a natural, non-addictive solution to those who are looking for more organic ways to manage their discomfort.”

Not only is this product specifically formulated based on grounded research and powered by nature, but it is also backed by a personal mission we can proudly support.

“Aima/OVY Relief™ places women and people who menstruate at the heart of our mission. Our goal isn’t just to sell a product; it’s to educate and empower our community about their bodies, cannabis, and women’s health, bridging the gap between scientific understanding and daily wellness practices. Our commitment to accessibility and affordability sets us apart. We strive to make our products available to everyone who needs them, ensuring we’re not just serving a niche, high-end market but also reaching out to those who often have fewer options for high-quality, scientifically backed health products. We’re dedicated to building a brand that puts people before profit, which we believe is a significant distinction in today’s market.”

In addition to period discomfort, Lanna notes that OVY Relief™ can also be used to soothe PMS before bleeding starts, and it can also be used “rectally for other pelvic discomforts such as hemorrhoids or  inflammatory and irritable bowels.”

The quality of OVY Relief™ is unparalleled, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. OVY Relief™, a natural approach to period discomfort, like the Gold Serum by Potency No. 710, is a PCC quality-verified and registered product, meaning that it has been proven to adhere to the stringent requirements of the Physicians Cannabinoid Council.

According to the PCC, products registered and given the PCC quality verified seal  “at the time of testing, contained no mold, toxic chemicals, heavy metal, pesticides or other harmful ingredients. The plant used to extract compound originated from North America, the potency of compound listed on the label was accurate or within the accepted variation of 10% (+-) and the list of ingredients was correct. During the course of a year, the PCC randomly test again the same products to ensure quality consistency is maintained. Products need to re-qualify yearly to maintain their status. At the stage of lab testing, the extensive panel of tests is done by a selected third-party lab that follows the standards of the California government.”

Learn more about AIMA and OVY Relief™ here.