Not All Delta-THC is the Same

Cannabis is a fascinating plant made of thousands of compounds, including hundreds of various terpenes and cannabinoids. Each of the compounds offers unique properties and purposes within the genetic makeup of the plant and how it affects those that consume or otherwise utilize it. One of the most infamous compounds in cannabis is undoubtedly THC. THC is scientifically known as … Read More

Edibles – A Deep Dive into Cannabis Infusions

Cannabis edibles, have you tried them? Are you thinking about trying them? No matter if you already enjoy edibles or are considering giving them a try, this deep dive into cannabis-infused edibles is sure to help give you a better understanding of these products. Just like cannabis, cannabis edibles have grown in popularity in recent years. People enjoy cannabis-infused edibles … Read More

11 Things Cannabis Seems to Be Doing, But We Can’t Actually Say It’s Doing

Cannabis is a miraculous plant that has so much to offer us. From our own health to the health of our planet, cannabis has something for us all. Unfortunately, thanks to outdated government policy regarding cannabis, the proven medicinal progress of cannabinoid therapies in America is behind the times compared to other places like Israel. Despite an abundance of scientific … Read More