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Setting Higher Intentions with Reiki

Here at Potency No. 710, we believe in the energy of life. We believe in the intentions that are placed upon different things throughout our existence. That is why we are elevating skincare with products that are filled with the highest of intentions. We work with our Reiki specialist Kenya Bastian to fill the products with not only some of the most sought-after plant oils on the planet but also with love and the most positive of energy. Something we hope is felt by everyone when they utilize Potency products.

We mentioned Reiki, and you may or may not have heard of this practice before. Because our passion lies much deeper than just skincare, but within self-care in general, we want to share more with you regarding this practice. Be sure to read to the end, where we share a Q&A with Potency’s Lead Aesthetician and Reiki specialist Kenya Bastian!

What is Energy?

Depending on who you ask this question, the answer could drastically vary. To better understand the practice of Reiki, let’s first look at energy and the different types of effects it can have on our overall wellbeing.

Power lines, cell phones, computers, and tech of all sorts are part of most people’s daily lives. This tech helps us stay connected with the world around us. It helps us get from point a to point b. Our tech lights up our lives, powering our homes, offices, and recreational spaces. There is also energy around us in the form of magnetic fields, solar, and lunar energy. Additionally, the placement of the magnetic north and south poles also play an important role in life here on earth, so naturally, you can see how they play an important role in the lives of the people that live here too.

All of these energies and frequencies, which we will discuss below, have a direct effect on our health, both physically and mentally. The same energy from the moon that affects the tides and the energy from the sun that causes communication blackouts surely must have an effect on humans too.

Many people believe that our body houses and uses energy and that it’s an important aspect of life. How this energy is stored and how it flows through us affects us as people. In order to understand how Reiki may help, we must first understand what Reiki is. Let’s look at Reiki and learn about what it is, where it comes from, when it started, and the people and cultures that embrace its practice.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual practice that embraces energy healing with origins tracing back to Japan. According to the Oxford dictionary, Reiki is- “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional wellbeing.”

The most common type of Reiki utilized globally today is known as Usui Reiki. Its creation was facilitated by a Buddhist monk named Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1920s. Dr. Mikao Usui is said to have rediscovered Reiki, implying that this was a lost or nearly forgotten practice from the past. This is supported by various publications which date this practice back to the B.C. period.

In short, Reiki is used to help facilitate the correction of issues, or to maintain balance with a person’s mind, body or and/or soul via correcting issues with the life force or energy that flows within us. The practice embraces the flow of energy through the body aligning it with the body’s chakras.

Reiki has a philosophy centered around five principles that offer guidance for healing and balancing your body’s Reiki energy along with five symbols with varying meanings. These five principles and symbols are as follows:

  • Just for today, I release angry thoughts.
  • Just for today, I release thoughts of worry.
  • Just for today, I’m grateful.
  • Just for today, I expand my consciousness.
  • Just for today, I’m gentle with all beings.
  • Power
  • Harmony
  • Completion
  • Distance
  • Master

Through recognition and practice, these five principles and symbols offer those who embrace Reiki the opportunity to learn how to channel their energy in a positive manner.

Vibrational Frequencies

A sound is a form of energy that travels on frequencies. Frequencies can affect our health and wellbeing; this has been proven time and time again. Microwave signals can cause all sorts of issues that can appear to have no underlying cause, as such was the case with “Havana Syndrome.” People in Cuba were bombarded with powerful microwave signals that caused symptoms like loss of hearing, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and these signals also affected basic motor skills and memory. Whether intentional or not, there are frequencies within our daily lives that impact us, and for this reason, it is vital to know how to fix your energy vibration and bring your chakras in alignment in order to counteract the negative effects of some frequencies.

There is a practice known as “Sound Bathing” that uses quartz crystal singing bowls to produce frequencies at varying levels for balancing and aligning the body’s various chakras. Each chakra and its related frequency are listed below.

  • 258hz Root Chakra
  • 258hz Sacral Chakra
  • 325hz Solar Plexus Chakra
  • 343hz Heart Chakra
  • 383hz Throat Chakra
  • 432hz 3rd Eye Chakra
  • 486hz Crown Chakra

Now that you know more about Reiki, the importance of energy, and the effects of frequencies, let’s take a closer look at by whom and for what reasons the practice of Reiki is embraced.

Who Uses Reiki?

Reiki is embraced by cultures around the world and people from all walks of life. The young, old, rich, poor, sick, and healthy alike embrace Reiki. Through a combination of touch therapy, energy transference, and crystal alignments, a Reiki master works with anyone who opens their minds and hearts to embrace the teachings and practices of Reiki.

Reiki may have originated in Japan, but it is embraced globally. Reiki has grown immensely in popularity over recent years in the US. It seems that people around the world are finding themselves opening their eyes to the harms of the modern world and are embracing holistic paths to cleansing themselves of sickness, be it physical, mental, or spiritual.

Our daily lives take a toll on our health and the health of those we come into contact with. Instead of embracing the mentality that “there is a pill for that,” many people are looking for more natural approaches to tackling issues that don’t include modern medicine. Meditation, yoga, chakra aligning, acupuncture, forest bathing, and Reiki are considered complementary medicine practices. They are also commonly called alternative therapies despite having roots that date back centuries. All of these practices go together in essence. They help center our focus, purify our energy, and cleanse our souls.

The body runs on energy, energy from the electricity that causes a heartbeat to the energy that causes the firing of synaptic nerves. When this energy is off, so are we. Reiki could be just what we need to help us learn to control and focus our energy.

How Reiki May Help You

Stress, depression, anxiety, anger, rage, sadness, fear, uncertainty, loneliness, hopelessness, and guilt are very common emotions experienced by a wide array of people from all walks of life and ages.  These aren’t the only feelings, though. Happiness, contentment, compassion, love, acceptance, peace, and laughter are emotions too. These are much more pleasurable than the first list, yet they seem to be less common these days.

If you are experiencing the overwhelming feeling that something is not right and that your energy is off, perhaps you might want to consider embracing the practice of energy healing via Reiki. Reiki starts as a form of healing for many people and transitions into a way of life. You can practice Reiki yourself, but it is most beneficial when shared with others. Having the guidance of a Reiki master that fully understands the principles and aspects of Reiki can help you achieve a purer vibration.

When the chakras are aligned with the natural flow of energy in the body, the results produced are those of the second set of emotions rather than the first.  Many of us deal with a mix of them all. Could it really be as simple as reminding yourself at the start of the day of the five Reiki principles?

Could allowing yourself to embrace the healing touch and transference of positive energy from a Reiki master alter a state of anger or sorrow? Many people find it to be a very useful tool in their arsenal to combat many negative emotions. Many emotions that we experience are a choice. Anger is one of them. We must choose to be angry in the same manner that we choose to be happy. So, what differentiates the outcome between choosing anger or happiness?

Embracing Reiki to help encourage a positive flow of this energy within could help answer that question.

You might say that if you embrace Reiki, it could greatly improve your mental health. After all, anger and happiness are very important parts of our mental health. Our mental health affects our physical health. If you are always angry, you typically experience other negative emotions, which will, in return, greatly affect your physical health in a negative manner. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

Reiki, Emotions, and the Energy We Emanate

Emotions are a major influence on our physical health in many instances. They may not be the direct cause, but they often play an important role in our health. Anger, pain, and discomfort, like Reiki energy, are transferred from one person to the next. But so are happiness, love, comfort, and understanding. A prime example of how energy influences physical being is a headache.

Have you ever laid in bed with a headache alone in pain holding your head? It sucks. The throbbing, the nausea, the sensitivity to light and noise. But then, on the opposite spectrum… have you laid there with a headache while a loved one comforts you by rubbing your head or applying pressure to it for you? If so, which felt better? I bet it was the transference of energy from a loved one holding your head!

While Reiki may not treat an illness, it can most certainly offer someone a chance to feel better via improving their overall state of being. Sometimes, the greatest accomplishments to our health are accomplished through strong mental willpower. People throughout history have overcome astonishing odds to improve their health past the expectations of others. Some using nothing more than willpower, which some might say can translate naturally to energy.

The mind pushes the body to overcome whatever obstacles it may face. The worker with Down Syndrome, the mom with cancer that never quits, the dad with a lung disease who pushes on, these people overcome obstacles every day by channeling their inner energy to give them strength to push through their day, and they often do so with a smile all the while. It would seem by improving upon one’s mental state; the physical state is also improved.

Someone can walk into a room and choose to liven it up or dull it down. Some people feel better when they are taking energy from others. These are the mean souls that plague our daily lives with deviant actions. These people are often hurting within and masking their pain with the emotion of anger so as not to seem weak. Others are plagued with anxiety and depression. These aspects eat at a person and can lead to all kinds of physical issues. 

There are also those individuals, however, like our founder Mandy Lile that emanates positive energy and vibrations everywhere, she goes and within every interaction she has. An elevated quality of hers that flows naturally into the products she produces. These are the individuals that make your soul feel relaxed when they walk into the room. The one that can make you smile by just being present. The ones that lift your spirits by simply being themselves.

So now that you know more about Reiki let’s look at how to get started with practicing Reiki and see what our Reiki Master Kenya had to say in our recent interview!

Embracing Reiki

Getting started using Reiki is easy. You can self-teach Reiki, or you can learn from a Reiki master where you may find more guidance and direction into the art of energy healing via the spiritual practice of Usui Reiki. A Reiki Master can offer guidance that can help you excel in the teachings of the art and practice of Reiki. Your journey to becoming a Reiki master will take you on a path of inner exploration. One that will lead you from learning key principles, hand positioning, and symbols onward to combine your learnings to achieve the Reiki master title.

Reiki is easy, fun, relaxing, and beneficial for those who embrace it. Don’t just take our word for it though, see what an actual Reiki Master has to say below!

Potency No. 710: What attracted you to Reiki?

Kenya Bastian: I was working as an aesthetician touching people all the time. I started to feel the energy coming off of them and I didn’t know what to do with it. Reiki seemed like a beautiful solution  

Potency No. 710: How has Reiki impacted your life?

Kenya Bastian: Reiki has affected me on many levels. It allows me to connect on a deeper level with my higher self. It also allows me to connect with other peoples higher self. In this place you can be your authentic self.

Potency No. 710: How long did it take for you to see results?

Kenya Bastian: I saw results immediately after my first attunement with Pat.

Potency No. 710: What was it like learning to become a Reiki Master?

Kenya Bastian: Learning to become a Reiki master was about stepping out of ego. Stepping further into my authentic self so that I can hold a safe place for people to do their energetics healing.

Introducing the Higher Self Box – A Reiki Elevated Box from Potency No 710 and Kenya Bastian

Setting your intentions higher is much more than just selfcare, it is a lifestyle! That is why we have created the Higher Self box which brings together plant magic and the power of Reiki! Set your intentions higher and vibrate on your greatest frequency with plant powered skincare products and energy work by Kenya Bastian!