The Ten Commandments Of Skin Care

Blog Image Ten Commandments of Skin Care with Help

Of course we add an eleventh commandment: Use Potency 710 products for the best results

Ten Commandments of Skin Care with Help

1.You will wear sunscreen every day

2.Never shall you use an apricot scrub on the face.

3.You should remove all makeup before bed.

4.Remember makeup brush cleaning day and keep it holy.

5.Honor thy esthetician and follow their instructions.

6.Eat thy fruit and veggies with antioxidants.

7.Love thy skin in the a.m. and p.m.

8.Thou shalt not touch or pick at blemishes.

9.Thou shalt not wait to start anti-aging.

10.Do unto thy neck and chest as you would do unto thy face.

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