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Travel Light and Glow Bright with Potency No. 710 Skincare Travel Packs

Traveling can be an exhilarating experience, but it often disrupts our daily routines, especially when it comes to skincare and what we eat. The key to keeping your skin healthy and glowing, even on the go, is to simplify your regimen without compromising quality.

Enter Potency No. 710 Travel Packs – your skincare savior that fits snugly into any carry-on. Make a pact with your skin, with Potency No. 710 Travel Packs. Our skincare travel packs contain everything you need to keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and glowing no matter where your travels take you!

Simplify Your Skincare Steps

When you’re hopping from place to place, a multi-step skincare routine might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Potency No. 710 Travel Packs make it easy by offering travel-sized versions of our best-selling multifunctional products. Our Standard Travel Pack comes with a travel-size Filthy Face cleanser and Modern Mist, as well as sample bottles of the Gold Serum, White Water Serum, and samples of the Shaded SPF. The Luxe Travel Pack includes all of this as well as a 1oz. jar of our Higher Good luxury full-body moisturizer.

Wash the Travel Off with Filthy Face

Traveling and even our day-to-day lives expose our skin to a wide variety of contaminants, germs, and other aspects that when not cleansed from the skin can cause a plethora of issues.  Potency No. 710 Filthy Face activated charcoal cleanser acts like a magnet to get all that filth off your face and is safe for all skin types!

Hydration on the Fly with Modern Mist

Traveling can take a toll on our skin in many ways, and one is dehydrating it. The wind, the sun, the snow, and even the recycled air on planes are notorious for drying out the skin. Keep the CBD Modern Mist in your purse or fanny pack for a quick spritz of hydration whenever it’s needed. It’s not just refreshing; it’s a vital barrier against the moisture-sapping environment. This also applies to trains and automobiles. The stuffy air of small compartments or the drying effect of wind from an open window can leave skin thirsty and dry. In this case, Modern Mist for the win!

The Multifunctional Gold Serum

The Gold Serum is a powerful skin serum that combines over 20 sought-after plant oils, including blue tansy, frankincense, sandalwood, and rose oil. This unique blend makes it incredibly potent, offering multiple benefits for your skin. Not only does it increase skin elasticity, but it also speeds up cell renewal, making it a true skin balancer suitable for all skin types. The serum’s zen-like scent adds to the experience. Plus, it delivers antioxidants and vitamins that help improve redness, reduce hormonal acne, pigmentation, and premature aging. The Gold Serum absorbs without clogging pores, making it perfect for travel. This multifunctional product can be used for much more than just healthy beautiful skin. Check out our blog here to learn more!

Protect Your Skin

Whether you’re exploring a sunny city, sunbathing by the pool, on a boat, or at the beach, hiking a scenic trail, or skiing down snowy slopes, your skin needs protection. The Shaded SPF is a travel-friendly sunscreen that shields you from harmful UV rays while nourishing your skin.

Our Shaded and Covered mineral sunscreen options harness the essence of Mother Earth to help protect the skin from the elements of life. Keeping your skin hydrated and protected is important, but there’s more in store for the most important organ of your body within our skincare travel packs.

Luxurious Moisturization

Travel can be stressful but that doesn’t mean it needs to be stressful on your skin. The Potency No. 710 Travel Pack proves big things come in small packages. It’s instant stress prevention for your skin. After using Modern Mist to hydrate and one of our light mineral SPF options to protect your skin, you can give your skin a quick touch of rejuvenation on the go with a touch of Higher Good.

Higher Good is a full-body luxury moisturizer included in the Luxe Travel Pack that ensures all-over hydration. Its rich formula absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue – perfect for those quick hotel room touch-ups. Speaking of rejuvenating, let’s look at the next weapon in your arsenal of on-the-go skin care.

Intense Rejuvenation

The White Water Serum is a travel companion you will love. This hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum delivers intense skin rejuvenation, brightening your complexion and giving you that vacation glow. The refreshing scent makes this a crave-able addition to your skincare routine at home and on the go!

Embrace the Botanical Power

Potency No. 710 is all about harnessing the power of nature. Our travel packs are a testament to our commitment to plant-powered, purpose-driven skincare. Mother Nature and Mother Earth are there to protect us from Father Time, Old Man Winter, and others that can cause damage to the very thing that holds us all together, our skin. Potency No. 710 embraces botanical power so your skin has a powerful barrier against the elements thrown at it.

Travel Light with Potency No. 710 Skincare Travel Packs

With Potency No. 710 Travel Packs, you choose to travel light without leaving behind the essentials. With these thoughtfully curated packs, you can maintain your skincare routine effortlessly, wherever your adventures take you.

Remember, the best skincare routine is the one that you can stick to consistently. With Potency No. 710 Travel Packs, you’re all set to keep up with your skincare ritual, making every journey kind to your skin.